"Liz London is a go-to trainer when it comes to conflict education. It is clear Liz brings a depth of knowledge and expertise and we could have her back a few times before we got all that she has to give. As an educator, I found her to be a really thoughtful facilitator, skillfully building shared language and keeping a keen eye to groups needs throughout our last day-long training. It's now been weeks after our last training and Corps Members continue to come to me with feedback that the content Liz presented on conflict styles, conflict transformation, and non-violent communication continue to be tangibly useful both in their person and professional lives. "

- Kat MacĂ­as, Avodah DC Program Director

98.5% of participants  reported that they learned useful skills to use in conflict resolution

"Responding productively to difficult conflicts takes a great deal of courage, patience and willingness to not run away from discomfort. Liz London exemplifies these qualities in her facilitation. There is another side to the story as well though that often times doesn't get as much attention—conflict work requires meticulous planning, being attentive to a wide range of details and facilitating proactive communication in advance of a program and circling back around to touch base with people so that the process is inclusive. Liz excels in this regard as well. I have seen Liz work with people in a wide range of settings and she brings that level of care and insight every time."

- Professor Arthur Romano, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University

97% of participants agreed that they would recommend the training to others who want to learn about conflict resolution

"Prior to Liz London walking us through a restorative circle I had never experienced a safe space created after conflict. The circle took us out of our comfort zone but it was necessary to become vulnerable to allow us to truly experience a restorative circle. The restorative circle brought me piece of mind and taught me a lot about facilitation. The circle keeper is not a mediator or a facilitator; they are whatever the circle needs them to be. Since the experience we have made sure to incorporate this tool in a forthcoming project. Thank you for this learning opportunity; I have definitely gained a new tool to use in the future." 

- Corina Solorzano, Training Participant

94% of participants stated that they felt more equipped to handle conflict in their lives after the training

"We brought in Liz London on a recommendation from a community partner. It was a pleasure to work with her from start to finish. She was diligent about understanding my group's needs and tailoring the curriculum. The only constructive feedback that came from participants was that they wanted more time! I would not hesitate to bring Liz in to facilitate a session in the future."

- Molly Cram, Moishe House Regional Manager