Constructive Communities offers a variety of trainings that can be adapted to fit the needs of many kinds of groups - workplaces, community organizations, youth-serving programs, or any other group. All the offerings begin with a pre-training call to learn more about your community's needs and how we can tailor the training based on size, your mission/focus area, identity of participants, and any other relevant factors. All trainings are highly interactive, designed through an equity lens, and followed by participant evaluations.

Longer trainings can be arranged with enough notice. Please visit the Contact section to inquire about availability and pricing.

Conflict Resolution Overview – 3 hours

This training gives participants the nuts and bolts of conflict resolution and some key approaches and practices that can be utilized in various settings. We begin by learning about the core principles and models in the conflict resolution field. Then we explore a conflict style matrix and reflect on individual conflict styles and how they may interact with those of others. We conclude with a workshop in nonviolent communication and practice using this tool in conflict scenarios.


Conflict Resolution Intensive – 6-8 hours

This deeper dive into conflict resolution starts with a foundation of the principles and core foundations of conflict resolution. We then delve into conflict styles and how they shape our relationships and how we navigate various spaces. We hone skills in active listening as well as nonviolent communication and do exercises practicing both. Finally, we integrate learning and tools covered through working groups focused on problem-solving various kinds of community conflict.


Conflict in the Workplace – 4-6 hours

In this training we explore why conflict resolution tools and approaches are vital to productivity and collaboration in the workplace. Participants look at conflict style assessments and discuss how to navigate these styles among their co-workers and teammates. The group has an opportunity to practice implementing conflict resolution tools to relevant workplace conflict . Lastly, we do a visioning exercise and reflection for positive team-building.

Managing Conflict with Youth – 6-8 hours

This training is geared toward youth-serving organizations and staff members. It incorporates a restorative justice philosophy with classic conflict resolution tools, tailored for implementation with young people. This training uses a trauma-informed framework and language and includes strategies for de-escalation, reframing techniques, and concludes with a chance to practice tools in simulated conflict situations among youth.

Restorative Justice Overview – 3 hours

This training offers a broad look at restorative justice philosophy and practices. We start with the history and context of how modern restorative justice arose from the practices of indigenous communities. Next, we ground ourselves in the central tenets of restorative justice philosophy. We then touch on several key restorative practices and how they are being utilized in schools, justice systems, and local communities across the country.


Restorative Circles – 6-8 hours

This training can be scaled up or down depending on time constrictions. Longer trainings include more time to practice circle keeping/facilitation, which is strongly recommended for those who will be implementing circles. Any length of training will cover the roots of circles as well as their contemporary applications. The training is run experientially in circle and considers key elements of circles and guidelines for circle keeping/facilitating.


Restorative Justice Intensive – 8 hours

The intensive training is a combination of the Restorative Justice Overview and Restorative Circles. Participants will leave with an understanding of the origins and context of restorative justice philosophy, as well as a strong command of circles as a core restorative practice and tool for everything from community building to addressing harm or conflict.

Feel free to download this PDF outlining the core training offerings.